TALWAN, District Jalandhar, Punjab


Talwan, the home of the Khoslas, where they originated from, is a small town located on the banks of the Sutlej river in Jullundur district. The first Khosla settled there during the regime of the Mugal Emperor Akbar. Most of Khoslas have moved out of Talwan.They migrated to Nurmahal, Jalandhar, Rahon, Lahore and other parts of India. There is an old Mata temple in Talwan(see Photo below) built and worshipped by Khoslas. In year 2009, many khosla families from various towns visited the temple and held a prayer and Langar. The are planning to refurbish the temple. There were several other Khatri families in Talwan. Swami Sharddhanand, the Arya Samaj leader, was born in Talwan in a Vij family in 1913.

Mata Temple, Talwan

Mata Temple in Talwan

Talwan is an old historical town. Before the British rule, it was ruled by the Rajputs and Ahluwalia sikhs. The nearest railway station is Nurmahal (5Km.). It is connected by road to Nurmahal and Phillaur (16Km.). Its population is about 5000. The main employment is agricultral. It has a girl high secondry school.

A mustard field near Talwan

A mustard field near Talwan